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We find out what's on special for lunch/dinner today in your neighborhood, and then let you know. That's it.

Frugal Diners Rejoice!

Every day, we get the list of specials from our participating diners, and post these on Tingoo. You can search "What's on Special" in your neighborhood, every day! The restaurants have to refresh this list everyday or it gets deleted tomorrow!

Restaurant Owners Win too!

You don't have to worry about foot traffic, now your Specials Sign can reach everyone in your hood, our users look for What's on special on our app, we show them whatever you've posted for today.

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We get neighborhood restaurants to tell our app what they have on special today. $4 wings, $3 beers, whatever. Then we update our database, daily, deleting yesterday's specials, so when you are looking for places to go to lunch for, you know exactly what's on special, right next door. No frills, no repeating annoying 50% off if you buy an arm and a leg deals. Just what you look for on a board outside a restaurant, in the palm of your hands. That's it. No bullshit, no complications.

  • Last Weekend

    Our Humble Beginnings

    Our beginnings are still very humble, we just want to know what's on special near us, to-day, and we thought you might like that information too, so we're giving it to you. That's all.

  • Last Thursday

    An idea is born

    Every time we go to the food court or to the restaurants during lunch, we'd rather eat at a place that has a special, not always, but it always figures in the decision, so, we thought, wouldn't it be great if we could just take all those Specials boards and put them in a list, and just update them every day. Yes Yelp and Foursquares, and LivingSocial are doing it, but tbh, they've got big plans and big strategy, and all we wanted to know was, WTH is on special at the ramen place today, because if they have the special, that's where we're going ... simple.

  • This past Sunday

    So, we made a list

    Yes we did! And now we're getting ready to share it with you through our app. Please stay tuned.

  • Today!


    And we think you may like this idea too! so if you do, signup and we'll send you the private beta link once we have the app running... which should be... uh, any day now... :)

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